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Crank Brothers: The Premier Choice for Deck Repair, Finishing and Waterproofing in Coto De Caza, CA

Established in 1945, Crank Brothers Deck Company offers superior value for deck maintenance, restoration and waterproofing in Coto De Caza and surrounding Southern California cities. Over the last 65 years, we've completed over 25,000 waterproofing and deck restoration projects of all sizes. Our experienced employees are approved applicators for the industry's leading floor coating manufacturers, including Dex-O-Tex, Hills Bros Desert-Crete, Pacific Polymers, and Life Deck, and they are skilled in all aspects of deck repair, maintenance, waterproofing and decorative finishing. They're also experts in waterproofing and coating balconies, stairs, walkways, pool decks, garage floors, and other interior/exterior floor surfaces. Our exceptionally high rate of referrals and repeat business--over 90%!--stands as a testament to the quality of our work, our fair prices, and our dedicated customer service.

Our deck/surface repair and maintenance expertise extends to leak detection and repair, stucco/siding repair, substrate removal, slope correction, flashing installation, and drainage system corrections. We use only the finest materials and waterproofing agents, and offer a variety of decorative finishes, enabling you to shield your surfaces against potential water damage and add elegance to your commercial or residential property. Our choice of finishes include traditional knockdown, flagstone, tile, stamped concrete and color staining. We welcome projects of any size throughout Coto De Caza.

Crank Brothers is a fully bonded and insured, family-owned business with one of the oldest contracting licenses in Southern California. We provide you with licensed professionals, friendly service and quality materials resulting in attractive, durable results. We are a member of the Preferred Trades of Orange County and are committed to offering our high-quality waterproofing and deck repair services at an affordable price. Contact us today and find out what makes Crank Brothers Deck Company the premier choice for deck repair, finishing and waterproofing in Coto De Caza. In today's market customers have a long list of contractors to choose from and we empower you to make the smart decision by offering free, up-front estimates and consultations.

Experienced Waterproofing Services for Coto De Caza, California

Best Deck Waterproofing Service

Waterproofing is critical to protecting your Coto De Caza property from costly water damage to its structure or exterior. For over six decades Crank Brothers Deck Company has been providing exceptional waterproofing protection to a wide range of interior and exterior floor surfaces for commercial and residential customers. We waterproof roof decks, balconies, patios, decks, walkways, pool decks, stairways, and more.

By using our premier waterproofing services, you'll be investing in the look and longevity of your Coto De Caza building, condo, apartment, or home. We use high-quality waterproofing agents, and have extensive experience with major, well-known brands such as Westcoat, Dex-O-Tex, Life Deck, Pacific Polymers and Desert Crete. Our decorative finishes add polish and luster to your property by simulating flagstone, stamped concrete, tile or brick in a variety of colors and textures.

A simple consultation with one of our expert technicians will determine which waterproofing solution is best for your Coto De Caza commercial or residential space and provide you with an accurate price quote for your approval before we begin work. From start to finish, our certified teams will efficiently and neatly care for the waterproofing needs of your deck, balcony, walkway or roof. Using the latest thermal technology on the market, we'll also check for any leaks and complete any necessary repairs, such as sloping fills, flashing replacement, drainage system installation, and stucco/siding repairs.

With Crank Brothers Deck Company, you can trust that our waterproofing workmanship will always be thorough, ensuring coverage of posts and columns from the base up as well as under and around angled thresholds for complete protection from moisture. Contact us today for your free waterproofing estimate and inspection in Coto De Caza.

Leaders in Deck Maintenance, Restoration and Repair in Coto De Caza, California

Deck Restoration Coto De Caza

In operation since 1945, Crank Brothers Deck Company has worked on deck repair, maintenance and waterproofing projects of every size. We're renowned throughout Orange County for our expertise in restoring decks and offering exceptional service at a great price. From start to finish, we give our full attention to every aspect of your deck restoration project: We use thermal leak detection to look for leaks; use the industry's best practices for substrate removal, low spot fills, slope and drainage correction, flashing installation, and siding/stucco repair; and expertly apply high quality waterproofing, bodycoats, and finishing/decorative coats.

We offer free deck repair, maintenance, and restoration estimates and inspections for residential and commercial clients in Coto De Caza. This consultation will advise you of all necessary repairs and include professional recommendations to help you achieve your goals while helping you stay within budget. Once contracted, we'll finish your project in a timely manner to your complete satisfaction. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable staff member about your deck restoration, repair or maintenance needs in Coto De Caza.

Professional Epoxy Floor Protection for Garages and Other Concrete Surfaces in Coto De Caza, California

Decorative Garage Floor Finishes

Crank Brothers Deck Company offers long-lasting, ultra-durable epoxy-coatings to protect garage floors in Coto De Caza homes and businesses. Epoxy creates an impermeable, non-porous surface that works perfectly in garages and other concrete spaces where spills and messes are common. An epoxy coating makes your garage impervious to gas, oil and antifreeze stains as well as tire marks. Additionally, because epoxy coatings are available in a variety of colors and chip blends, they can also dramatically enhance the look of your garage.

To ensure long-lasting, beautiful results, we employ a four-step installation process for every epoxy garage floor project. After cleaning your floor, we apply concrete etching preparation, primer coating, epoxy coating, and then a final protective sealer coating. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate for epoxy garage floors in Coto De Caza.

Experts in Pool Deck Resurfacing, Coto De Caza, California

Pool Deck Paint & Repair Coto De Caza

Crank Brothers Deck Company has been helping Coto De Caza customers improve the look and appearance of their pool decks for decades. Why tear down and rebuild your existing pool deck when you can resurface it for incredible, long-lasting results at a fraction of the cost? We offer high-quality, durable pool deck surfaces in a variety of textures, colors and finishes, such as stylish brick, flagstone, or stamped concrete. Once completed, our pool decks are mildew resistant, waterproof, slip resistant and cool to the touch. Speak with a staff member today and find out how easily Crank Brothers Deck Company can help you save time and money by quickly and effectively resurfacing your weathered pool deck.

Applying High-Quality Decorative Finishes in Coto De Caza, California for Decades

Decorative Tile Finishes Coto De Caza

Elevate the look and function of your deck, walkway, balcony, or other interior/exterior floor surface with a decorative finish. Decorative finishes can revive the appearance of old, cracked or worn concrete, and make it safer. At Crank Brothers Deck Company, we have become Coto De Caza's premier choice for decorative finishes because we offer exceptional workmanship, guaranteed long-lasting results, and competitive rates. We have over 65 years of experience and our expertise shows in the consistently high level of work we have performed for our thousands of satisfied customers across Southern California.

We only use top-quality brands for our decorative finishes, which we know by experience create gorgeous and durable results. Our decorative finishes also offer other benefits to your surfaces: they are Class A, one-hour fire rated, and slip-resistant. They also protect against weathering and mildew. We offer a wide array of decorative finish colors and textures, including:

  • Flagstone
  • Knock down
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Color Stained
  • Stenciled
  • Stamped

Call us for a free assessment of your property in Coto De Caza or other surrounding Southern California areas. You will get a chance to consult with our experts and learn about our decorative finishing options before incurring any costs. We guarantee the work of our professional crew and have an excellent customer service track record.

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